Moscow Tesla Club Tests Tesla Model X – Half-Hour Video Review

Here is interesting video review of Tesla Model X P90D by the Moscow Tesla Club. There is a lot of useful insights and presentation of various details on the car.

In the test drive part we also got chance to see feedback of how the Autopilot performs on the snow. The Model X did have some troubles if one of the line was invisible. The overall experience is however very good.

Moscow Tesla Club notes also that “promoting electric cars in Russia is creazy difficult”. Well, relatively high prices, cold weather, lack of dense charging infrastructure are probably one of the many obstacles there for BEVs.


Алексей Еремчук Основатель и генеральный директор
Алексей Еремчук
Основатель и генеральный директор
Первые в РФ и СНГ. Продаем Tesla с 2013 года
Первые в РФ и СНГ
Продаем Tesla с 2013 года
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Оформим, доставим, растаможим
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